Get a more reliable email system that can be accessed from any device

As a business, your email is one of the most vital services to ensure is operating reliably, a missed email can mean lost business and can reflect poorly on your company image.

TechPoint recognise this and can help you get your email working reliably and hassle free.

  • Do you keep running out of mailbox storage and cant send mails?
  • Do your customers receive “mailbox full” messages when trying to email you?
  • Do you need have issues accessing your email on multiple devices?
  • Do you keep losing emails or having to delete old ones to make space?
  • Do you receive loads of spam messages?
  • Do you worry about if you have emails not backed up properly?
  • Do your customers complain they get bounce back messages when they try to email you?

If so, then you need to upgrade your email to a modern Cloud based Email platform.

TechPoint will migrate your existing email platform to a dedicated Office365 or Google Suite Business cloud email hosting service, providing an end to end email mailbox migration service, regardless of whether you are an Outlook or Mac Mail user, we have you, your mailboxes and your contacts covered. We have migrated hundreds of mailboxes and for happy customers that haven’t looked back. They can now:

  • Receive up to 50GB of emails (never run out of mailbox space again!)
  • Access all of their emails on their laptops, tablets, phones and the web seamlessly
  • Have all of their contacts safe in one place and accessible from all devices
  • Have Shared mailboxes with other staff (info@ , accounts@ etc)
  • Share calendars and appointments with other staff members
  • Work with Mac Mail, Outlook or Android and iOS mail all together

If you are tired with your current email platform problems and want to your company email system to work smoother and more reliably, then get in touch with us and migrate to a Cloud based email solution today.