Protect your business from disaster with our data Backup solutions

Can you safely say that your business data and applications would be truly protected in the event of:

  • a virus / ransomware attack,
  • office flooding or theft,
  • A hard disk failure on your local computer or server?

If not, then don’t waste time – we can help you protect every piece of infrastructure, physical and virtual, servers, PCs and Macs.

We believe in the 3-2-1 backup rule, ie. at least 3 copies of your data including production, with copies 2 on different systems, and keep 1 backup copy offsite (Cloud).

TechPoint Backup provides robust, secure and scalable data protection, bare-metal recovery, and on-site and cloud backup of any data, anywhere, anytime. It is a fully managed service – we will take care of your data protection so you can focus on your primary business tasks.

With our unified 3-2-1 Backup, you get a hybrid local and cloud protection needed in the event of a disaster. Our Backup Engine backs up to local storage on your premises for quick restore, and also to a secure EU Cloud data center for disaster recovery.

Why Choose TechPoint Cloud Backup?

Do you:

  • Seek a reliable strategy to protect from any IT disaster?
  • Look to replace tape and other legacy backup solutions?
  • Need complete protection for critical data and systems?

TechPoint Cloud Backup will help you to:

  • Implement an IT disaster recovery strategy now
  • Eliminate the risks of losing data
  • Protect every piece of your IT infrastructure – physical and virtual, Windows and Linux servers, and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop and laptop PCs
  • Focus on your core business – while we take care of data protection
  • Select the size of backup storage you need today and easily get additional space as your infrastructure grows
  • Eradicate the costs associated with tapes and cumbersome tape rotation
  • Reduce risks with proven quick bare-metal recovery.

Key Features

  • Physical and virtual systems – protection of both physical and virtual systems in one service
  • File and disk image-based backup – backup of selected files or complete disk images
  • Bare-metal recovery – system recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, even from the cloud
  • Local and cloud storage – support of rapid local on premise and safe Cloud storage
  • Initial seeding to easily move large volumes of data to the cloud
    1. Backup to an external HDD
    2. Courier it to TechPoint
  • Multi-level security – AES-256 encryption, password protection and SSL
  • EU based secure storage data centers are equipped with all latest disaster prevention technologies, and are SSAE 16 certified
  • Supported Platforms include Windows, Mac, and Linux and all major Virtual platforms.

If you don’t have a good reliable backup of your business data, then you are leaving your business and reputation completely exposed to risks such as fire/theft and viruses. Let us help you close the gap today and get your business data protected

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